About LCC

LCC Engineering and Surveying Inc. is a professional civil engineering and land surveying firm located in Martinez, California. Founded in 1954, our firm does business as LCC Inc. We have been providing services to cities and public agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 60 years.

We prepare designs including plans, specifications, estimates and bid documents for municipal improvement projects. Project designs often include grading, paving, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, storm drains, water, utility undergrounding, accessibility ramps, signs, and pavement delineation. Our projects have ranged from neighborhood paths and safe routes to school to major intersection improvement on arterial streets. The principals of LCC have served as City, District and Assessment District Engineer for several agencies. Our service in this capacity provides us with a unique perspective on the funding of municipal projects.

Our Civil Engineering business has been built around 60 years of land surveying practice. Our designs typically are based upon our own surveys. But we also provide surveying services without design to our clients. We have extensive experience with all types of municipal land surveys including topographic, boundary and control. Our survey crews are equipped with state of the art equipment, including prism and reflector-less total stations, real time kinematic global positioning system equipment, digital levels, digital data collection field computers, and the latest operating software available.

The non-licensed members of our survey crew are members of the Operating Engineers Union Local No. 3. We keep certified wage and benefit pay rolls as required by the union and pay prevailing wages as required for all public works projects.

For larger projects, including pavement rehabilitation, structures, and traffic signals, LCC frequently teams with other consultants specializing in sustainable infrastructure, active transportation planning and traffic calming, structural design, pavement design, stormwater treatment, utility undergrounding, aerial photogrammetry and utility locating. Each sub-consultant is called upon only when and if necessary to provide their respective specialties. This flexible arrangement typically reduces project overhead and design costs.